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Reseat Print Head over and over

Posted by Bob Wert on

I have had this printer for a long while but didn't use it for a while. I had to replace the ink assembly because it had air in the tubes. I replaced all the print head and am having issues with the cyan head. The first new head kept saying reseat so I had them ship me a new one. It worked fine then started spitting out blue ink all over the paper. I reset the printer and now it keep saying to reseat that print head over and over. If I put the old print head that has run out of in back in it, then it works fine. I have spent over $1K on this printer getting it back up and running but what could be wrong with the cyan print?

If the cyan print head is leaking ink, the print head is defective.  An internal valve is supposed to allow pressurized in into the print head when it gets low and then close.  Leaking means the valve is not closing after the print head is full of ink, exposing the nozzles to pressurized ink.


“RESEAT” issues are usually caused by a poor connection between the print head connection points and the ribbon connector that meets them in the carriage.  The ribbon is supposed to be good for 600 print head insertions but I have never seen them last that long.  The ribbon connector points are either dirty or worn out or the connection on the other end of the ribbon connector needs to be disassembled and cleaned.  If cleaning the connector side of the ribbon connector does not help, remove the carriage and take off the top cover and remove the plastic keeper on the other end of the ribbon and clean the contacts and reassemble.  That fixes a lot of stuff.  You could also replace the carriage, but it is little more work to try to fix the one you have.

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