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Designjet 5000, 5100, 5500 Parts

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The HP Designjet 5000, 5100 & 5500 series wide format printers are very sturdy machines built to run for years without service.  Like all machines, they wear and eventually need service.  Troubleshooting and diagnostics are relatively easy because of internal tests built into the printers along with an extensive error code system.

Common problems for the HP 5500 printers and HP 5000 printers are worn carriage belts (42" printer, 60" printer), trailing cable (42" printer, 60" printer) and ink tubes (42" Dye, 42" UV, 60" Dye, 60" UV).  Belt replacement kits are recommended for owners who want to replace the belt themselves (42" printer kit, 60" printer kit).  

Most repairs are accomplished by printer technicians, however, a growing number of owners and IT staff are successfully servicing their own plotters by following diagnostic procedures and part replacement instructions in the service manual or by watching LPS repair videos.  The economic advantages of self-maintenance can be significant.

Interpreting system error codes is an easy task.  The service manual lists possible causes of the problem by the respective error codes, and suggests solutions, with the most likely solution being listed first.

Frequent user repairs are related to the ink system, such as replacing defective ink cartridges, print heads or the entire ink tube system.  

Download Designjet 5000-5500 service manual here


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