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HP DESIGNJET 5000, 5500 Carriage Belt Kit (42" plotters) C6090-60072

  • $ 9900

HP 42" Designjet 5000, 5500 Carriage Belt Kit
LPS Brand Designjet Belts are the ONLY Belts Made in the USA - The Best in the World


BEFORE YOU ORDER: Please make sure you select the right length of belt. Although this belt is for a 42-inch machine, the actual length of the belt is longer than 42 inches. If your machine has a maximum print width of 60", you need the "60-inch" belt. 

Compatible with: 

Designjet 5000 Printer - 42" C6090A/C6090V

Designjet 5000PS Printer - 42" C6091A/C6091V

Designjet 5500 Printer - 42" Q1251A/Q1251V

Designjet 5500PS Printer - 42" Q1252A/Q1252V

All LPS brand belts are High Density Polyurethane and Kevlar, and are the only Designjet belts made in the USA.
HP Designjet 5500 5000 belt replacement videoThe kit has everything you need to do the job right: 

1 Carriage Belt (Y-axis) Q1251-60320
(Click here for LPS belt specifications)
2 Non-evaporating synthetic oil for the rails
3 39 Piece Specialty Tool Kit
4 Media required by HP for Calibration
5 Illustrated belt replacement and plotter calibration directions
6 Service Manual with Illustrated Replacement Instructions, Parts List, Error Codes, & more (CD or USB drive --your choice)
7 Toll Free Phone Support if Needed
8  Free Ground Shipping

Illustrated, step-by-step instructions take you from cover removal to full repair of your plotter. All specialty tools necessary for the task are included in the kit. The tools can be used for future repairs as well.

1. How difficult is it to replace the carriage belt?
If you have average mechanical skills, and the instructions are followed, most people can replace the belt and calibrate the printer without calling for technical assistance. If you have apprehensions about doing the replacement yourself, perhaps you can find another person with technical skills to help you.

2. How long will it take to replace the belt?
An experienced technician can do the work in less than an hour. Allow yourself 2 to 4 hours for the first time through.

NASA, JPL, The Goddard Space Center, and many universities buy LPS belt kits. They trust us and you can too.

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Customer Reviews

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Carriage Belt kit - Designjet 5500 42"

As described, The online tutorial is better than the provided instructions.

HP Designjet Carriage Belt

Worked great. Solved our issue.


Product and video were both wonderful!

Fixed it!

Did this job via the youtube video and complete set from LPS. Was great for the install, it's about a 3 hour job, and no surprises with the 30 minute video to review.

Carriage Belt replacement kit for the HP 5000 Designjet 42" Printer

The kit worked perfectly and the online video enabled me to do a job that I would not have been able to figure out without it. I did not use the printed instructions, though I was glad to have them for reference but instead kept replaying sections of the video. My only suggestion is that the instructions left some things out, that may have seemed obvious to the instructor but not to me. Also it would have been helpful to see something more on putting it all back together after. All in all, it was a positive experience as I was able to figure it out in the end. I would recommend this kit and the company to anyone looking to restore an HP printer. Unfortunately, after it ran for a couple of days, it shut down again. I think this time I may need a new trailing cable. At least now I have the confidence that with LPS, I will be able to install one.