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Designjet 4000, 4500 Parts

The HP Designjet 4000 and Designjet 4500 series are highly serviceable plotters.  The printers have resident diagnostic tests that take most of the pain out of troubleshooting.  

Common problems of the HP 4000 plotter and 4500 plotters are worn carriage belts, and ink tubes.  Most repairs are accomplished by printer technicians, however, a growing number of owners are effectively maintaining their own plotters by following troubleshooting procedures and part replacement instructions in the service manual.  The economic advantages of self-maintenance are significant.

Another troubleshooting method is to interpret system error codes which are displayed when many types of problems occur.  The service manual lists possible causes of the problem by the respective error codes and suggests solutions, with the most likely solution being listed first.

Once an error code is understood, many easy repairs can be made by the user.  Frequent user repairs are related to the ink system, such as replacing defective ink cartridges, print heads or the entire ink tube system.  

Download Designjet 4000 Service Manual Here

Download Designjet 4000 User Manual Here

Download Designjet 4500 Manual Here