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Power Supply Error 1

Posted by Bob Wert on

This error indicates a short in the 24V electronics circuits. Do not replace the Power Supply; This message only indicates the failure, and is not the cause. Usually this message appears after the insertion of a Trailing Cable into the connectors. This message means that the Trailing cable is incorrectly connected, and it is creating a short on the 24V circuit.

 To isolate the problem, remove the Trailing Cable from the back of the Printer and check whether the Printers powers up correctly.

 If the Printer powers up correctly, the problem could have been a bad

So, I went back to the carriage to check the trailing cables and one of those was not fully inserted correctly. It seems that the ends are failing since the connectors on the strip are starting to peal away from the plastic strip. Never the less, I was able to get them to seat properly and my problem seems to be solved.

Phil Brown

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  • Pulled out all the trailing cables and inspected them under a magnifying glass. Several places had the metal pulled back from the edge, so carefully straightened them out with my fingernail, reinserted the cables, and VOILA! Everything worked!! THANK YOU!!!

    James McCabe on
  • Phil Brown thank you my friends no problem good luck :)

    serdar on

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