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New Print Heads failing after a few prints

Posted by Bob Wert on

Last week the light cyan ink cartridge was getting low and the printer stopped printing with an error.  I didn’t notice the print head symbol was flashing, I just assumed it was too low on ink. I replaced the ink cartridge, started it up and then noticed the flashing print head symbol.  I cleaned the contacts but that did not work.  I ordered a new print head and replaced it two days ago and the printer worked for a few prints.  Today the same light cyan printhead flashing symbol is back.   


Alan Stacy

When a print head is replaced and fails again shortly afterward it is usually caused by an air bubble in the ink tubes.  The new print head is full of ink when it is installed and quickly runs out because it is pulling in air instead of ink.

Air gets into the tube system when the check valves start to fail.  You can remove the air temporarily with a tool we make or by replacing the ink tube system.  All the check valves are the same age and will likely fail soon also, so if you are able, I recommend the replacement of the ink tube system. (

Please let me know if I can be of any further help.

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