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Designjet T1100 Error 02.1:10

Posted by Bob Wert on

I am asking for your valuable help. When I was testing carriage assbly on mode access to plotter HP T 1100 it did not pass.  when testing pens voltage step plotter shows an error message 02.1:10.  I check on system error codes and I see it is a carriage PCA failure, maybe is the reason because the printer does not accept black gray printhead. I am trying to replace carriage assembly and ask you if it would be a good idea?
Thanks for your help

It sounds like you have diagnosed the problem correctly.  The failing component is most likely the carriage PCA, however, you could also have a failing print head pulling down the carriage PCA.  If you have another print head, try that before replacing the carriage.

Hi Bob. Thanks for your answer. I have tried with three new printheads but when after replacing printhead and initialization proccess is operating it stops at printheads checks step or preparing printing system step, and control panel displays error message that replacement printheads MK-G and CY has not been finished and prompts me to press ok to replace faulty printhead, so when I try to replace MK-G-CY printheads, control panel promts me to replace BK-G instead of MK-G and CY printhead, I Install a new one and close the window and when plotter is checking for the  new printhead, control panel display to replace BK-G print head again and again. I suspected maybe a pulling down BK-G printhead into carriage PCA was the problem but I think it is Ok because when I install a new printhead BK-G plotter recognize it before closing window, the problem is that after window is closed for a few seconds, plotters ask you agian  to install a new printhead. I Check carriage Test and it fails just shows pens voltage is incorrect error 02.1:10 that means a problem with carriage PCA, but I think it is better to change de carriage in full intead of the carriage PCA only. Do you think it would be a good idea? or not?.
Thanks very much for your help and time.

I agree with you that the best course of action is to replace the carriage.  You may want to replace the trailing cable at the same time since all the print head signals travel through the cable to the electronics.

Let me know….

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  • i had error 02:10 on DeJ 500 was broke leg on [large] inductor on carriage pca.
    top left corner.
    attached wire to it and OK. there are 2 or 3 inductors that feed power thru them on/for pca

    dave on
  • I have been replacing parts on a t610. The carriage was hitting the service station during the print head alignment procedure, but not when printing the demo plots. After pulling the service station and inspecting it, I noticed the carriage was barley hitting the front corner. I was able to determine that the rear carrier bushing was missing. This was causing the carriage test to fail due to excessive friction. Thanks for all the tech support and great service on the parts.

    Greg Hale on
  • Hi Bob.
    I have the same problem.
    How do you solved the problem ? If you do.
    Thank you.

    Nick on

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