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Error 58:10 on HP Designjet Z2100, Z5200, Z3100, Z3200

Posted by Tim Wert on

If your Designjet printer is showing error 58:10 "Color sensor ESP (spectrophotometer) if the printer is not working well," or a related 58:xx error, the problem may be mechanical. Historically, we've assumed the issue must be with the color sensor itself, or with the carriage PCA, but we've recently discovered a fairly common failure, and believe it or not --it's related to the service station. If the ESP lens shutter is unable to open, error 58:10 will appear. The mechanical actuator that slides the shutter open is located on the service station wiper tray. If this small actuator breaks, the ESP shutter will not be opened during the color sensor test, or during normal operation of the printer. 

The carriage moves near the service station, locating the ESP shutter finger in the exact right position, then the service station wiper tray/capping tray slides forward to meet the shutter finger. The carriage then moves slightly left, opening the color sensor shutter.

Carriage ESP

Color Sensor ActuatorElectrospectrophotometer Z3200

If this part on the service station is broken, it must be replaced. Contact us if this is the case. 800 959 1575 or email

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