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Designjet Rejecting Good Printheads, HP 70 | HP 72

Posted by Tim Wert on

This problem occurs in the following HP Designjet models: T610, T620, T770, T790, T1100, T1120, T1200, T1300, T2300, Z2100, Z3100, Z3200, Z5200, Z5400. 

If your printer is rejecting HP 70 printheads or HP 72 printheads, or if the printheads seem generally unreliable, there's a good chance there's nothing wrong with the printheads themselves.

Often the contacts on the trailing cable corrode, and fail to send a consistent signal to and from the printheads. If you're on your second or third replacement printhead, and about ready to put some creatively-placed holes in the printer, power the machine off, and check the trailing cable connectors. If the pins are frayed, it's time to replace the trailing cable. If the trailing cable looks okay, carefully reinsert it into the connectors on the main board and the carriage PCA, and power the machine on. 

CAUTION: because the 5V pin is located right next to the ground pin on the trailing cable, it is possible to short circuit the printhead. If the short is present when the printhead is installed, and you power the printer on, you will fry one or more printheads, making them unusable. 


Example of Good HP 70 HP 72 Printhead

Example of Damaged HP 70 HP 72 Printhead

For this reason, it is recommended you replace the trailing cable if you have any doubts about the integrity of your trailing cable. 

Trailing cable for 44" T610, T1100, Z2100, Z3100, Z3200 Printers

Trailing cable for 24" T610, T1100, Z2100, Z3100, Z3200 Printers

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