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Designjet 1050C Ink Tube Priming Problem

Posted by Bob Wert on

We purchased the HP1050C ink tube replacement and are in the process of bringing the plotter back up. The system is not recognizing the set-up printheads and is only flashing a “insert printhead” message. We tried reseating the printheads but this is as far as we get. What should be looked at/redone/reviewed… to move forward?

Wendy told me you have defective set-up print heads.  We test all the set-up print heads before they are packaged, so I don’t think that is the problem.

 After the Designjet 1050C ink tube system is installed, the PRODUCTION print heads must be installed and the plotter brought to READY.  Then you must enter the setup menu (printer icon) and scroll to UTILITIES and hit enter.  Then you must press the up arrow and enter together and get into the service utilities menu.  Select PURGE INK TUBES and follow the instructions the printer gives you from there.  These instructions should have been shipped with the tube system.


Good news, it looks like we are up and running.

I pulled the print heads out this morning to start fresh and noticed the contacts has a little ink on them so I cleaned the print head carriage and setup print heads before restarting the plotter. That seems to have solved the problem. The plotter is going through its paper loading now and should soon be rolling out some drawings.

Thanks again for your help.

 Dave Rizzolo

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