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Head- to- head comparison of HP Designjet 5500 and 800

Posted by Bob Wert on

During the days of its launch, HP Designjet 800 was considered as a game- changer for printing industry. And, with the further launch of HP Designjet 5000, the stage is finally set for the grand reception. The Designjet 5500 has incorporated some of the best features of 500 and 800, taking the best of both worlds and has blended them perfectly into a marvelous printing product that can change the face of the entire industry.

The 5500 is not just a printer but is a power- packed machine that has a weight of 120 kg for a 60 inch format printer. With such a large size printing requirement, the printer still provides exceptional printing results at an unbelievable speed and accuracy. This is one of the features that make it a prized possession.    
Here are some of the comparisons made between 800 and 5500.

Size- Printing size, clarity and accuracy play an important role for designing professionals, CAD experts and others. Designjet 5500 is a printer that easily outscores its rival Designjet 800 with its model variants of 42 inch and 60 inch for wide format printing. Similarly, HP Designjet 800 comes in the variants of 24 inch and 42 inch versions.

Ink technology used in the system- The ink system used in the Designjet 5500 as compared to 800 comprises of 6 ink system with the additional green and orange color so as to obtain brilliant printing results. Further, the Designjet 5500 supports both dye based and pigment based ink that makes it suitable for printing outdoor banners as well. But, in case of Designjet 800, 4 ink system is used and it doesn’t support pigment based ink.

Type of the media length support- The Designjet 5500 and 800 differ a lot from each other in terms of media length supported by them. While, the Designjet 5500 supports a roll length of 300 feet, the Designjet 800 only supports a roll length of 150 feet that is just half of the one supported by 5500.  

Although, the Designjet 800 established new parameters in the field of wide format printing but the paradigm has completely shifted in the favor of Designjet 5500 with its latest entry in the world of wide format printing. It has clearly dominated the scene of wide format printing and has pushed other rival printers to the sidelines.

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  • Im looking at getting your belt kit for my HP designjet 5500 UV 42 inch. After seeing your video Im thinking I may be able to get it done. Im going to check with a tech but, this may be a viable option as a DIY project. Thanks for providing the resources!

    Dwayne on
  • We just purchased a replacement tube set for our 60’ 5500 ps printer.
    This has been a workhorse for us; literally no problems for the 15 years.
    We are hoping the tube set will give us another 3-5 years on this machine.
    This printer came with both UV and Dye setups – so I have changed the tube sets many times, depending on the job.
    I understand there are no longer “set up print heads” – and I am looking forward to viewing the updated video in the box to understand how to use the syringe to make a perfect vacuum.
    I had a dream last Saturday night that we installed the new tube set from you and it solved our issue. LOL
    Our new print heads are due tomorrow, the tube set is already here. Wish me luck!

    elizabeth fenimore on

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