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Designjet 5500 ink leak

Posted by Bob Wert on

Hello, I had just installed one of your belts for the the DJ 5000ps and when I tried printing the calibration sheet the printer started leaking the light cyan ink. I think the problem was with my Ink Tube System and have bought a replacement from you guys. The ink got everywhere all the print head cleaners were soaked and the vacuum fan had was all saturated as well. My question is since the ink got everywhere do I need to get new print heads and print head cleaners. Seeing as how they are around $140 each it would be something that I would like to avoid. Thank you, Nick

Sorry to hear about the ink mess. 

The heads are probably ok.  Remove the print head cleaners and dump excess ink in a ziplock bag containing paper towels.  The foam may be swollen and cause a problem, so use a pliers and pull the foam out and throw it away.  You may want to rinse them off and dry the outside with paper towels before putting them back.  Note of caution… on the thumb hold of each cleaner is a small white label that has a black rectangle printed on it.  The carriage uses that rectangle to verify the presence of the cleaner.  If it is covered with ink or missing, cut a piece of self stick label and draw a rectangle with a black pen where the mark needs to be.

If the ink is spilled down through the machine, it would be good to remove the right cover and clean what you can with paper towels and Windex.  Latex gloves are a good idea or you hands will be stained for days.

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  • “The foam may be swollen and cause a problem, so use a pliers and pull the foam out and throw it away.”

    Should the foam be replaced with anything, or just leave the space empty?

    Julian Watkins on

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