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Designjet 1050C Black spots on print

Posted by Bob Wert on

MY 1050c started showing black ink spots on prints and I am seeing a lot of black ink leaking in the cleaner compartment. Would the ink tube kit be the fix for this problem? Are there other issues I should look for?

I don’t want to just start throwing parts at it.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

Allen Aubuchon

There are seals between the print head ports and the tubes themselves that are made of synthetic rubber.  They harden, crack and lead after a few years.  Replacing the tube system will solve the problem.  A note of caution…  We have had 2 “new” OEM tube systems leak in recent months, right out of the box.  I think what is happening is that these tube systems have been on the shelf for a very long time and the seals have failed because of hardening.  The LPS refurbished tube systems have new silicon seals installed that will no harden over time and are less expensive than new oem.  My recommendation is to replace the tube system with an LPS refurb.  That can be ordered from: HERE

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