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Inkjet printers v/s Laserjet printers

Posted by Bob Wert on

Printers are one of the most revolutionary inventions in the computer world; they give us the power to feel what we see on a screen and make it easier for us to make our work travel those distances which even internet can’t. Over the years printers have evolved from the massive printing press like structures to the present day compact and elegant daily use printers. With the evolution of printers they branched out into various streams of devices, utilizing different technologies to print the given input on the print media in use. Out of all the different types of printers two of them have made a special spot for themselves in the modern world, the Inkjet printers and the LaserJet printers have attached themselves to the mainstream printing and become an indispensable resource for the modern world.
An Inkjet printer works simply by spraying droplets of ink on the print media in use, thus creating the image or text whichever is the input. The inkjet system is most suitable for high end color printing and supports a wide variety of media. Most of the high end printers are inkjet printers.

A LaserJet printer uses a laser based technology to carve out letters on a printing drum using electric discharge which then attracts the powdered ink towards itself and then bonds to the print media in use, mostly paper is used. Then the print media in use is passed from between two hot rollers to fuse the powdered ink and the paper fibers, to prevent smudging. Laserjet printers are most suitable for black and white text based printing and gives an extraordinary performance while printing text.
Although Inkjet is fast and can produce high end prints, but they are a mess if the ink system malfunctions and also suffer blockages due to dried up ink, when not used regularly. In case of a Laserjet the problem lies in the basic startup process which takes a long duration of time to heat up before printing can start.

So choose a printer that suits your needs the best.

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