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Inkless Printing, new feat of technology

Posted by Bob Wert on

The world is changing and evolving every day. This evolution makes sure that the processes keep on improving and the world becomes a better place for everyone. Such a thing is happening in the world of printing and taking it to a new and improved state of being.

Have you ever imagined printing without using a single droplet of ink? Seems impossible, doesn’t it. Well it is now possible. How?  No sorcery is involved so there is no need to run around creating a fuss about it.

Printing without using ink is more than revolutionary; it saves time, resources, and makes sure that the print comes out just fine.

How does it work?

The process is thermal in its true nature and makes use of special kind of paper that changes color on the basis of the heat applied. This paper is made specifically for the printer and responds to the action of heat by changing its color in accordance with the level of heat applied.

The printer is compact since the mechanism of ink storage, supply is absent, and all of the work is done with the help of thermo graphic systems. These systems use the action of lasers to generate heat and thus have a high level of precision.

The lasers can easily be manipulated to control the level of heat they generate by varying the time of incidence. The longer the laser is incident at a particular spot the greater is the heat generated. Thus in a simplistic manner every pixel can easily be printed just by guiding the lasers across the length and breadth of the paper.

The prints generated are not only high quality but also take a lesser amount of time to get finished. This makes the entire process highly efficient while keeping the energy consumption minimum.

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