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Print Head Cleaning Made Easy

Posted by Bob Wert on

Print heads are the mechanical parts of printers that spray out ink through miniature drill holes using thermal or piezoelectric printing technology. Although the process sounds quite simple, it involves a great deal of precision to obtain good results. If these print heads are not used for a week or so, the nozzles get clogged with dry ink. This clogging blocks the print head and hinders the proper functioning of the printer.

To avoid the problem of clogging, most of the printers like the Designjet 5000 or 1050C are installed with print head cleaning utility. It works by flushing the print head with ink to remove minor clogging, but it is ineffective against severe clogging. In such a scenario, traditional methods are employed, which are normally used for Designjet 500 and 800 series.
These include soaking the print head in hot water bath overnight for minor clogging. If that doesn’t help, it is then soaked in isopropyl alcohol. This is done because alcohol acts as a solvent for dried ink and thus removes the blockage from the printhead. You can also clean your print head and other parts with a soft lint free cloth and liquid detergent. For example, a few drops of isopropyl alcohol on contact points can remove moderate clogging.

These manual cleaning methods can save your printer from big trouble, but printing test pages every two to three days will be more beneficial. This will prevent the ink from drying up in print head.

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