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Designjet 5000 driver Windows 7

Posted by Bob Wert on

I recently purchased a Designjet 5000 and connected to my PC running Windows 7 Home Premium, unfortunately my PC didn't communicate with the printer, is there a software issue? can you please respond. Regards, Phil Ortiz Sr. Creative Roofing Solutions.

If the plotter gets to a ready state without any errors, go into the set-up menu and run a demo plot.  If it prints, the plotter is good enough to communicate.


Get the “XP Pro 64” driver from and install it on your computer.  If you are using Ethernet, you will need to know the IP address of the Jetdirect card in the plotter.  Print a config page and the IP info will be on the page.  Use that to configure the port when you install the driver.

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