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Designjet 500 Error Code 17:11

Posted by Bob Wert on

The error code 17:11 is not an error code listed in the service manual.  It seems to occur at the beginning of initialization and the plotter gets stuck there.  It is useful to use the green light on the power button to troubleshoot the problem rather than to try to interpret the code.

If the green light is blinking twice every few seconds, the plotter cannot find the data cable that connects the interconnect board (the board the control panel plugs into) and the electronics module.  Try reseating the cable at the interconnect board and at the electronics module.  If the problem persists, replace the cable.  The cable for the 24" print width plotter can be ordered from: /collections/designjet-500-800-parts-page/products/c7770-60267-designjet-500-800-interconnect-ribbon-cable and the cable for the 42" plotter from: /collections/designjet-500-800-parts-page/products/c7769-60298-designjet-500-800-interconnect-cable.

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