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Designjet 500 carriage hitting frame after belt replacement

Posted by Bob Wert on

We just received a replacement drive belt for our HP 500 from your company.  Directions and product are great.  Quick question.  Now that the new belt is on the carriage seems to be hitting the black support beam thing just under the top cover.  Almost seems like the ink tubes into the print heads are sticking up to high.  The tube assembly is locked into place as the directions say.  Am I missing something?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My suggestion would be to get the carriage out into mid machine with the power off.  If it is at the service station now, it is locked.  Power up and when the carriage moves away from the service station area, pull the power plug out.  Then move the carriage manually to see what part of the carriage is hitting the frame.  It is possible to clip the ink tube crane in wrong and I suspect that is the problem.  If so, disconnect the ink tube system from the carriage and re-install.

If you can’t puzzle it out, send a photo and I will try to identify the problem.

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