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Designjet 500 flashing X

Posted by Bob Wert on

I have purchase a belt for my 500 and now it's showing a flashing "X" on the display over a drawing of the printer itself.(See photo attached)

The printer goes directly to this mode and the on/off button is flashing too.

I can't get it into service mode.

Can anyone tell me what to do or what I need to purchase to repair this?

Thank you.


The flashing X in the front panel of HP DESIGNJET 500 means that the plotter does not like the installed ink cartridges for some reason.  The ink supply station was unplugged from the interconnect board behind the display when you replaced the belt.  Check that the connectors in plugged in correctly and that no pins are bent.  If that is ok, replace the ink cartridges and the problems should go away.  If that does not resolve the problem, replace the ink supply station.

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