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Designjet 5500 APS issue

Posted by Bob Wert on

Wondering if you can help.

I have a Designjet 5500 60 inch.

I have an error code OBOOO4 (Air Pressure System Failure)

Couple of months ago I had a major leak from the black ink cartridge, which I cleaned up externally and refitted the black ink cartridge and all seemed ok.

Now I have this error, I have stripped back and found the APS to be partially submerged in black ink. I have also noticed black ink spots in the air tubes from the APS and also in the clear tubes behind the ink cartridges.

I am guessing that due to the APS system being submerged in ink it has caused it to fail, I have seen on your website you have the part I am after C6090-60084 ($57.00)

Could you please confirm postage to our address in Australia.

Also having watched your YouTube video of ink tube replacement would you recommend replacing this at the same time?

I run UV inks in my machine. I am worried about the black ink spots in the clear tube is there anything you would recommend to rectify this?

I am guessing the black spots are from where the pump has somehow sucked up some of the ink and now it is in the clear tubes?

Looking forward to hearing from you.



The APS needs to be replaced.  Easy job.

Ink spots in the air tubes are no big deal.  The ink is inside plastic bags inside the ink cartridges.  The APS pressurizes the cartridge and the air presses on the ink bags and moves the ink through the tubes.  If any ink did get into the cartridge through the air tubes, it would be outside the ink bag and cause no damage.

The ink tubes usually fail in one of 2 ways.  They leak ink, which  you know about, and the check valves in the print head ports start to leak and air gets into the tubes.  If you can see air bubbles in the tubes (open back door and look) or if you have frequent print head failures, the tube system needs to be replaced.

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