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Designjet 5000 incomplete print jobs

Posted by Bob Wert on

What we are currently experiencing is that the HP5000 no longer finishes any plotting where the input file comprises of a significant amount of data. We still can plot vector drawings where most of the space on paper stays white. When we want to plot such a map sheet with a photographic underlay, though, we are no longer successful.

We are printing on a 36" roll using the entire width.

  • When printing from a Windows XP machine, the plotter completes about 4" . Then it hangs. Pushing any button on its front panel will not accomplish anything. At this point it has to be turned off.
  • When printing from a Windows 7 machine using HP ePrint & Share, the plotter usually completes even less, 1" to 3". Thereafter we get an error message such as "ffffffff 0283036f.". The number in the second group varies but the first three digits are always 028. At this point the HP5000 has to be turned off.

I tried two remedies with no success.

  • The first attempt was the replacement of the memory module as indicated in the image belown in blue color . I was not able to replace the memory module to the left, indicated in red because I don't have this kind.
  • The second remedy that I tried was the replacement of the hard drive. I successfully managed to do this but there was no change.

The printing problem is almost certainly the memory.   I suggest you replace the memory and take it to the maximum.  Upgrading the firmware would also be a good thing to do.  You can download the firmware from and I believe the directions on how to upload it to the plotter is also there.

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