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Dye ink vs UV ink

Posted by Bob Wert on


I have the HP Printer HP Designjet, 5500 look to buy ink against water and sun 

My question: 

Possible Print external  Without any problems I  Canvas vinyl  usd.

Thank you

Normal dye ink will fade quickly in the sun and water will make it run.  The UV ink will not fade in the sun but will run when wet with water.  The solution for your needs is to use UV ink, laminate the print to protect it from water or use a reverse print plastic media and protect the back side from water.  Canvas is not going to work for outdoor use.

The newer HP plotters use Vivara inks that are water proof and will not fade.  You would have to upgrade to a “Z” series plotter to use that ink.

I hope this has been helpful.

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  • I have a Q1253Z dye ink unit and want to switch to UV ink. Is that possible?

    Ken Rogers on

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