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Designjet 5500 Error 0D0005

Posted by Bob Wert on

I just got and put in the Drop Detector you sent me today, works great. Now I still have a problem with the cutter. Keep getting a 0D0005 03180386 error code. Do I need to replace the cutter? Are there other tests do? I love your company, the videos are very helpful, and the service manual I downloaded is a great help.

The error code indicates that the cutter is not retracting after a cut.  Are you getting any other symptoms or error codes?  The cutter tire may just be worn out and the cutter needs to be replaced.  Was something else done to the plotter recently that might affect carriage motion like a belt replacement?

Yes, the problem started after a repair person changed out the belt and then the cutter stopped working after a few weeks. They did not do a calibration. Then I had another repair tech come and he could not discover why the cutter was not working, replaced the code strip, readjusted the belt, checked the cutter. Could not get it to work, said I would have to do an axis scan with 60” paper. After I finished this repair with the drop detector I also took the carriage off and cleaned it, fixed the parts they forgot off the tube lines, oiled the bars and cleaned everything I could get to. The plotter is printing now and I turned off the cutter so it does not have the error message and I have to reboot. I am also having problems the unit reading the media profiles, when I try to change the media and choose HP or any other type and it starts to call up the chooses it says please wait and then after a 3-5 min. time reboots. One time it said boot error. I tried to reload media profiles through   the web access but still not reading them.

Your videos are great, I feel confident I can do almost any repair after viewing them. Thank you!!

A couple of things…  there is no adjustment for the belt.  There is a brass screw on the tensioner assembly on the left rear of the plotter.  That screw needs to be disengaged, screwed all the way out and hanging on its spring.  The part of the plotter that causes the cutter to retract is part of the tensioner assembly also.  The cutter may be broken internally.

It is possible that the splice in the belt is not under the carriage far enough and is hitting the tensioner pulley or the motor pulley on the other end.  Easy to check.

On the profiles, the plotter keeps the profiles and other software on the hard disk drive.  The HDD is probably on the way out or needs to be reformatted and have the firmware and profiles reloaded.  The procedure for formatting and reloading is in the service manual.  Formatting will identify any bad sectors and not use them when the software is reloaded.

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