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Designjet 5500 Error Code 010030

Posted by Bob Wert on

We have received Error Code 010030 034c95a consistently now regardless of the outlet into which it's plugged. I've tried it in different circuits in two different rooms – even our surge-protected emergency outlet. On a couple of occasions the printer has also displayed 0b000a 030f053b and "Check Cleaner Path." These have appeared only a few times out of the thirty-or-so restarts. I'm wondering if you have any suggestions, otherwise it's looking more like I'll have to call a service company. Which is too bad because the ones in our area are not great. I'd appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks.

Bill Russin

At this point, I would recommend replacing the power supply.  It is a fairly easy thing to do.  You can download the manual from HERE for the procedure.

The power supply can be ordered from HERE.

The error 0B000A is a problem with the service station not initializing properly. The service station motor may be dying or the voltage to the motor may be low.  I would wait to see if the PS solves the other problem first.  It may solve the SS problem also.

The power supply arrived and we installed it. Thanks for your advice and access to the manual! Unfortunately, the printer stopped at 5% initialization and spit up error message 0b0006 030f0451. I Googled it and they say it's a training cable issue. In your opinion is this something that we caused during the installation? Can you offer any advice? Thanks.

0B0006 is definitely a trailing cable issue, usually corrected by removing both ends of the cables and re-inserting them.

Done.  We are back up and running.  Thank you very much!


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