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Designjet 1050C Print Head Path Error 2

Posted by Bob Wert on

I am having an issue with a HP DJ 1055CM printer. I am hoping to get parts to correct an error. The error is related to the print head path Type 2. After some research it looks as if this could be related to a belt or tubes or some other issue. This is somewhat a time sensitive issue so I was wondering if you would have the following parts available for next day delivery:

Carriage belt

Service station RIDS assembly (Tubes)

Encoder strip

Synthetic oil and applicator

Carriage height tool


Nick Lotts

We have stock on all the parts you requested except the carriage height tool.  The carriage height tool is used only when replacing the carriage.  The height adjustment is on the carriage and is not disturbed by removing the carriage so replacing the belt does not require the tool.

I recommend the belt replacement kit that has the belt, tools, written instructions, full HP manual on CD and the oil.  We no longer sell the new HP ink tubes because of leak problems.  Some stock apparently has been on the shelf for many years and the seals harden and leak.  We do sell our own refurbished tube systems with all new silicon seals that do not harden over time.  They also have new print head ports of our own design and they are re-programmed back to zero usage and factory settings.


Carriage belt (kit)

$ 105.00

Service station RIDS assembly (Tubes)

$ 249.00

$50 rebate with return of old tube system - prepaid shipping label included

Encoder strip

$   57.69


Synthetic oil and applicator

in kit

Carriage height tool



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