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Know the front panel of Designjet

Posted by Bob Wert on

The HP Designjet 500 is a beautiful piece of machinery, but a complex chain of events goes on inside that serene, sturdy and simple exterior. To get the desired results, you need not get a view of the internal system though. To facilitate your interaction between man and machine, a simple yet effective interface has been provided in the form of a front panel that lets you interact with the designjet and also lets you monitor the status of various components inside it.

The panel, a few inches in dimension, comprises buttons of varied shapes, colors and sizes, making it easy for a user to distinguish between them. Even for a novice, it becomes really easy to understand the working and sequence of events. Two dedicated buttons are provided for scrolling up and down while one button each is there for accessing the menu, for going back to the previous screen, for canceling the chain of commands or for selecting the option which is labeled as ‘Enter’. One button has been provided to help enter the form and feed cut. The major advantage, apart from ease of operation, is that the labeling has not been done on the buttons but right beside them, thus preventing removal over time.

There is also a digital display, which shows all the options available and rules out guess work while operating the designjet as it works on the simple principle of ‘WYSIWYG’ i.e. what you see is what you get, which means that you can be absolutely sure of getting the desired output if you select the right options and commands.

The front panel is one of the most important components of HP Designjet 500; its operation would have been one heck of a cumbersome process without it.

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