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Designjet 500 800 Error 86.01 at right end of plotter

Posted by Bob Wert on

I purchased your belt replacement kit for an HP DesignJet 800 and performed the job per your great video.

The plotter got about 90+% complete printing the test plot on the gloss paper(image attached).  The plotter did not cut the paper.  Then it showed Error 86:01.

I reviewed the job, your video and other videos trying to help with this error code.  Things I’ve done.

  1. Lubricated the drive rod
  2. Removed and cleaned the cutter head.  Its seems to move ok, but I don’t know how much resistance should be when sliding this part. The bushing moves smooth on the rod, but seems stiff once cutter is installed.
  3. Gone into the Service menu and performed paper feed check and that passes.
  4. Cleaned the Encoder tape/ribbon with soft cloth.
  5. Vacuumed out the service bay area.

When I plug the unit into power this is what happens.  (note, I have sent a video via showing the startup)

  1. Carriage travels to left and touches the cutter.  The cutter is not pulled out.
  2. Carriage returns to the service bay and then backs out to left.
  3. The service bay performs some type of cycle.
  4. The carriage then returns to service bay and error code appears.

Can you provide any guidance as to what might be causing this error?

A couple of things to look at…

First of all the calibration plot looks normal.  The plotter has to be pretty healthy to get that far.

The most probable cause is that the right side encoder strip bracket is not installed correctly.  The encoder strip is attached to a piece of spring steel.  The steel has a hole in it and that hole needs to be over a peg in the black plastic.  Otherwise, the encoder strip will touch the encoder sensor in the carriage when it moves to the right side and have a difficult time seeing the grid on the strip.  Check that first.

The service station can be installed incorrectly and can cause intermittent 86:01 errors.  Remove the right end cover and verify that the front lip of the service station is on top of the front mounting rail and not under it.

The cutter can also be installed incorrectly causing the error.  The tires on the cutter need to straddle the guild rail it sits on.  If you pull the cutter out to mid motion, you can apply some downward pressure on it and if it is not in the right position, it should pop in.

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