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Designjet 500 800 Error 86:01 after belt replacement

Posted by Bob Wert on

The 86:01 error is a Y-axis error.  It is caused by one of several possibilities.  

 The possible causes are:

  1. The belt tensioner is latched down so the tensioner spring is compressed and cannot do its job. 
  2. Fix: remove the right end cover and unlatch the black plastic piece the spring pushes against.
  3. The encoder strip is rubbing on the carriage.  If this is the case, you will see some deflection of the encoder strip when you move the carriage to the extreme right.  You can check by turning the plotter power off and on again.  When the carriage moves, unplug the power cord & open the front lid.  Fix:  remove the right end cover and seat the encoder strip bracket such that the small hole in the steel fits over the small plastic nub in the plotter frame.
  4. The belt is installed incorrectly.  Check that the toothed part of the belt is not getting into the tensioner pulley.  If it is, reposition the belt on the carriage.  The transition point should be as close to the center of the underside of the carriage as possible.
  5. Dirty or damaged encoder strip.  Clean or replace.  Clean with water and soft cloth only – no detergents or chemicals.
  6. If the carriage is hitting the service station (black messy assembly below the carriage on the right) it may not be installed correctly.  Remove and reinsert the service station.
  7. If you took the front carriage bushing out, they may be in backward.  The carriage will hit bottom and you will hear it when the carriage moves.
  8. The trailing cable may not be plugged in correctly so the signal from the encoder strip sensor on the carriage is not getting back to the electronics.  Fix: reseat the trailing cable on the carriage.

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