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UPDATED Printhead Recovery Kit for Designjet 500, 510, 800 (HP 11 Printhead)

UPDATED Printhead Recovery Kit for Designjet 500, 510, 800 (HP 11 Printhead)

  • $ 6499

Complete recovery kit for HP 11 printheads



-Alcohol wipes for cleaning the printhead electrical contacts

-Funnel, suction cap, dedicated syringe for refilling the printhead

-Nitrile gloves

-Bottle of cleaning solution

-Upgraded purge tool with depth-limiter

-8 Custom printhead seals compatible with all HP 11 printheads

-Seal installation tool

This kit is suitable for recovering 8 printheads. If you plan to do more than that, additional seals and cleaning solution are sold separately. 




A few considerations:

-If a printhead has been starved of ink for a long time, it may have burned itself out by printing with air instead of ink. If this is the case, that printhead will not recover with the installation of new seals.

-Even if a printhead has been starved for only a short period, if the internal ink diaphragm has deflated too much, it will sometimes not allow ink to re-inflate it, and the printhead will remain permanently starved.

-Sometimes the electrical connection between the printhead and the carriage is poor. Make sure to clean off the printhead contacts as well as the contacts on the carriage. If either of those surfaces feels tacky, you've still got cleaning to do.

-If the drop detector sensor is obscured by ink overspray, it will not properly detect the ink droplets, and the printer will not complete print system setup even if the printheads are working with perfect quality. The sensor may require cleaning.


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Customer Reviews

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Mike Johnstone
Order 47284

I'm still waiting for the goods to arrive.

I had very little hope designjet 800 48" roll

I had very little hope for this thing. It had sat in our office for 3-4 years because it shredded a belt and I didn't feel like messing with it. But I found myself needing to print a lot of things and that was adding up so decided to give it a go. Started by replacing belt-then coder strip-then the cover on the print head-then cleaned the service station-finally got everything working but it wouldn't print- bought this as a last hail mary and was ready to forklift this thing into the dumpster. Glad I didn't do that. It was a lot harder to pull the cleaner and ink thru than I thought it would be. But did it. Put it all back together and much to my surprise it prints beautifully.
couldn't have done it without lps. All the parts totalled about $300. Pretty cheap for a 48" printer.