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Designjet T610 IDE HDD

Q6711-60024 HP Designjet T610 Hard Disk Drive IDE

  • $ 9549

Q6711-60024-D HP DesignJet T610 IDE Hard Disk Drive

Fixes Errors 08:11 & 79.04 Caused by Failing Hard Disk Drives

This PATA Hitachi hard disk drive has the latest firmware revision TAJ6_9.0.1.1 installed.  This is a 5200 RPM HDD with plenty of speed and space for image processing and storage.

1 Year Warranty.
A failed HDD is the most common cause of error code 08:11 however, a failing formatter board or memory can also cause Error 08:11.  

Error codes related to the HDD:

  • Error 06:YZ
  • Error 08:11

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