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Q6652-60112 Designjet Z6100 Ink Tube System 60"

Q6652-60112 Designjet Z6100 Ink Tube System 60"

  • $ 77500

HP Designjet Z6100 60" Ink Tube System & Trailing Cable Refurbished & Upgraded

The replacement procedure for this part is found on page 296 of the service manual --available here


$100.00 Back With Prepaid Return - Final Price $675.00
DOES NOT INCLUDE INK TUBE PCAs OR TRAILING CABLE. You must use your machine's original ink tube PCAs/CABLE. 

HP Designjet Z6100 Ink Tube System & Trailing Cable Assembly for 60" plotters. This is a refurbished tube system with all 48 seals upgraded to silicone, new printhead ports and check valves. Tested to 3x normal operating pressure.

OEM tube seals oxidize, crack, and leak over time. LPS upgraded tube systems have LPS-designed seals installed with an expected lifespan of 20 years.

  • Ink tubes are chemically cleaned, flushed with pure water, and dried with particle free air
  • All buna seals replaced with long life silicon seals
  • All print head ports and check valves replaced with new parts (LPS design)
  • Includes purgers for ink tube priming
  • Illustrated installation instructions
  • $100.00 refund when old system is returned
  • Prepaid return shipping label is included (USA only)
  • 1 year replacement warranty

Note: The return ink tube systems must be complete with no missing parts. Tube systems that have been disassembled/broken apart have no value and will not be paid for. There are no repairs that can be made without special tooling, correct procedures, and new parts.

60" Ink Tubes & Trailing Cable

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Joel Maxwell

Q6652-60112 Designjet Z6100 Ink Tube System 60"