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HP Designjet 4000 Tube System, Rebuilt and Upgraded Q1273-60050

  • $ 39500

HP Designjet 4000 Ink Tube System

The replacement procedure for this part is found in section 8-33 of the service manual --available here

Q1273-60050, Q1273-60300

$100.00 Back With Prepaid Return

Ink tube system that carries ink from the ink supply station to the print heads in the carriage.

The OEM tube system uses seals that shrink and crack with age. All the seals are replaced during the rebuild process. The synthetic rubber seals are replaced with much more durable silicon seals which do not shrink or crack over time. The print head ports and check valves are replaced with new ports developed by LPS.  The print head port seals are Dynaflex - capable of stretching 600% from original shape, and are extremely chemical and wear-resistant. Tube systems rebuilt by LPS do not leak and probably never will! The check valve components are all stainless steel.

This is a fully rebuilt tube system with all new seals and new print head ports. Includes 1 year warranty.

System errors related to the ink tube system:

  • Error 01.2:10
  • Error 11:10
  • Error 13.n:10
  • Error 93:11

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Customer Reviews

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Jon Woll
Working fine ... now...

Hi There,
The tubes seem to be working fine. The Magenta connection at the ink cartridge leaked for a bit, but after wiggling and kinda trying to push it in better, it stopped leaking. This is the second time I ordered ink tubes from you guys and I've been impressed both times. Thank you... :)