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Designjet 5500 RTL Hard Disk Drive Kit Q1251-60067, Q1251-60323, Q1251-60090

  • $ 17995

HP Designjet 5500 RTL Hard Disk Drive Kit

The replacement procedure for this part is found in section 8-70 and 8-73 in the service manual --available here.

Q1251-60323 - RTL Version (not PostScript)

Q1251-60323 Replaces Q1251-69306 / Q1251-60306 / Q1251-60284 / Q1251-60282 


Internal Hard Disk Drive containing software, firmware, settings and allows queuing and nesting. This kit includes the 40GB HDD preloaded with software, matching boot ROM, adapter PCB and required cables. NOTE: When replacing the hard disk drive, the boot ROM MUST match the HDD firmware revision or the plotter will not boot.

System errors related to the HDD:

  • Error 1f500XX Boot Fail (May also be caused by a failing power supply unit)
  • Error e50000

Designjet 5500 RTL Hard Disk Drive

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John Duff
Always A+

As with many items for the HP Designjet that have ordered from LPS Computer, they are always shipped fast and always work as new and rebuilt products. What a great resource!