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Designjet 5500 RTL Boot ROM Q1251-60066, Q1251-60283

  • $ 15560

HP Designjet 5500 RTL Boot ROM

Condition: Refurbished, Live-tested

Warranty: 12 months

The replacement procedure for this part is found in section 8-73 in the service manual --available here.

Q1251-60223 - RTL Boot ROM Version 05.00.01 (not PostScript)

This Boot ROM is necessary to boot all HP Designjet 5500 RTL plotters. The compatible Hard Disk Drive for this ROM is version 05.nn.nn. The Boot ROM and software on the HDD MUST match or the plotter will not boot. The matching HDD for this ROM can be ordered here.
Designjet 5500 RTL Boot ROM

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