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HP Designjet Z3200 Hard Disk Drive (Rev A)

HP Designjet Z3200 Hard Disk Drive (Rev A)

  • $ 14595

HP Designjet Z3200, Z3200PS Hard Disk Drive 
This is a 320GB, 7200RPM upgrade HDD for the Designjet Z3200 series graphics plotters. The HDD has current firmware loaded and is ready for mounting on the formatter board,  This part works perfectly with A and B versions and is easily installed.
The upgrade 7200 RPM disk provides increased image processing speed and doubles the storage & work space for images.  
The new Firmware has never been installed in a  Z3200 and the ID and Serial Number still open. (The disk and firmware take the identity and password of the first plotter in which it is installed and will not work on any other plotter.)
  • Upgrade 320GB 7200 RPM SATA Disk Drive - Double the storage/work space, Faster Speed
  • 12 month warranty
  • Easy Install (only a Phillips screwdriver needed)
  • Works perfectly in all HP Designjet Z3200 series plotters
  • Free Shipping
  • Same day shipping from USA
  • Toll free technical support

Q6719-67010 is used in the following Designjets:

Q6718A Designjet Z3200 24-in Photo Printer

Q6719A  Designjet Z3200 44-in Photo Printer

Q6720A  Designjet Z3200PS 24-in Photo Printer

Q6721A  Designjet Z3200PS 44-in Photo Printer


System error codes related to the HDD:

  • Error 06:YZ

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HP Designjet Z3200 Hard Disk Drive (Rev A)