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HP Designjet 500, 510, 800 Ink Cartridge Modification Chip C4844A

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FORCE YOUR DESIGNJET PRINTER TO ACCEPT INK CARTRIDGES, even if it thinks they are empty, or if it's rejecting 3rd-party cartridges. 

All you have to do is pull the right end cover off. No soldering required, no permanent modification to the printer required.  Guaranteed for life.  


Is your printer telling you "ink cartridge empty," showing an "X" on a cartridge, or otherwise not accepting ink cartridges? This is the solution. Sometimes the printer will get picky about what cartridges it accepts, and sometimes aftermarket cartridges just aren't built right, so the printer rejects them.

The mod chip does not do anything to the ink cartridges themselves. Rather, this mod chip allows you to use ANY cartridge by tricking the printer's logic into thinking there is a FULL set of HP OEM cartridges installed at all times (even if you remove the cartridges from the printer altogether). For this reason, DO NOT START PRINTING WITH THE CARTRIDGES OUT OF THE MACHINE, as this will starve the printheads of ink. When the mod chip is installed, the printer can't tell if ink cartridges are present or not. It will simply perpetually believe there are full cartridges present. The ink supply station, however WILL continue to pressurize the ink cartridges as usual, allowing for safe, continuous use of the printer. 

C4844A Modification Chip for HP Designjet 500, 510, 800. 

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Customer Reviews

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Harry Krout
Cartridge Modification Chip

This device worked perfectly. I have an older DesignJet 800ps and have been having issues with ink cartridges not being recognized. This modification allows those cartridges to work now. Just have to manually keep track of how much ink you have left but I can live with that. Great product and great service.


This worked for my hp designjet 500ps. I had to use the pictures from the website to make sure I used the correct plugs. One of the connections felt very tight like it didn't fit but after some time I was able to get it seeded. It allows me to use generic ink cartridges and generic print heads. Very pleased

Rhonda Myers
Easy to install, works great so far

We were skeptical, but the chip was easy to install and tape down to the ribbon it sits on. Works great so far. I can wait to spend less on ink.

Allen Broach
Waiting for support

Doesn't work. Took pictures of installation and email 2 days ago no response yet. Im Still Hopefull

Russell Renison
Great vendor

Thank you for your speedy delivery of my order!! You have earned my repeat business!