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Designjet T770 / T1200 Spindle Holder (Select Version)

  • $ 5955

HP Designjet T770 & T1200 Spindle Holder & Rewinder

Condition: Refurbished, Live-tested

Warranty: 12 months

The replacement procedure for this part is found on page 354-361 of the Service Manual -- Available Here.

CH538-6702, CH538-67015, CH539-67007, CH538-67016, CH538-67029

This is the spindle bracket with the rewinder motor and gears. Variant brackets and holders available. This is a refurbished unit. Includes 1 year unconditional warranty. 

System errors related to the spindle holder/rewinder:

  • Error 45:YZ

Designjet T770, T1200 Spindle Holder

  • Upper Right Support with Sheet Sensor T770 T1200 (CH538-67028)
  • Upper Left Suport, without Sensor T770 T1200 (CH539-67007)
  • Upper Left Suport, with Sensor T1200 (CH538-67015)
  • Lower Left Side Support, with Sensor T1200 (CH538-67016)
  • Lower Right Side Support, T1200 (CH538-67029)
  • Lower Roll Cover Sensor included with T1200 Lower left support (CH538-67041)
  • Upper Roll Cover Sensor included with T1200 Upper Left Suport (CH538-67065)
  • Single sheet sensor included in Upper Right Suport T770 T1200 (CH538-67033)


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