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Designjet Media Bin Hinge (part of the foot assembly) Q5669-60719, Q6659-60237, Q1246-60014, C7782-60002

  • $ 2395

Replacement hinge for the Media Bin Assembly that catches printouts. This piece is made from extremely strong carbon fiber-reinforced filament, and will last the lifetime of the printer. Includes a lifetime warranty! Free shipping within the USA. For the following HP Designjet printers:

Designjet 510

Designjet T610

Designjet T1100

Designjet T620

Designjet T1120

Designjet T770

Designjet T790

Designjet T1200

Designjet T1300

Designjet T2300

Designjet Z2100

Designjet Z3100

Designjet Z3200

Designjet Z5200

Designjet Z5400

Designjet Z6100

Designjet Z6200

Designjet Z6600


Q6651-60260, Q6652-60135, CH639-69002, Q5669-60719, Q6659-60237, Q1246-60014, C7782-60002

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Customer Reviews

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Adam Kincaid
media bin hinge

The hinge is probably good but the part that fits in the leg to fit the hinge on that clips in i tried to put them in but the ones i got off you guys each one i put in broke the release type flex part when i installed them , but it will be alright when i get the hinges off you it will still work, i don't know how else to install them and i tried different ways but they both broke that flexibile bit ok thanks .cheers .

LPS always comes through

I've had a broken basket on my z3200 for a year. I finally thought to check LPS and they sell this 3D printed replacement hinge which is better than HP's damage-prone version. Arrived in 2 days, and installed in about 10 secs. Better than new! When ordering just pay attention to which option you choose as some come with both the hinge and clasp and some don't. I made that mistake because of the picture and had to order the clasp separately. Thank you LPS for keeping my z3200s going strong!

Steve Baert
HP designjet paper bin feet mounts

Nice 3D printed items. Very strong ABS, a great alternative as not purchasable from HP without buying the whole base leg assemblies.