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Universal Designjet Ink Tube Priming Tool

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Universal HP Designjet Ink Tube System Priming/Air Bubble Removal Tool


L607460, Q1273-60111, C6071-60167, C6090-60106, C7769-60164

Note: This tool is included with all refurbished ink tube systems purchsed from LPS (with the exception of Z6100, Z6200, and Latex tube systems).  It is not necessary to order this tool in addition to an ink tube assembly.

This tool serves the same function as HP's setup printheads. The main difference is setup printheads are one-time-use only, whereas this tool can be used multiple times. 

Demonstration Video - How to Use

Ink Tube Systems have many seals that harden, crack and leak over time. Sometimes the check valves in the print head ports start to allow air into the ink tubes and that puts air into the print heads and causes ink starvation and eventual print head failure because the print nozzles burn out.

This tool will easily remove air bubbles from the ink tubes and extend the life of the ink tube system and protect the print heads from an early death.

Simply remove the production print head, insert the tool and draw out ink and air bubbles. The tool can be used an infinite number of times and is a very handy tool for technicians and end users.

This tool can be used to remove air from ink tubes in the following HP Designjet plotters:
  • Designjet 1050C & 1055CM Series
  • Designjet 5000 & 5500 Series
  • Designjet 4000
  • Designjet 4500
  • Designjet 500/800
  • Designjet T Series
  • Designjet Z Series

Note: this tool cannot be used to prime the Z6100, Z6200, or Latex machines, due to the design of their tube systems.

Designjet Ink Tube Air Bubble Removal Tool, includes instruction sheet. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Phong Ta

good stuff

Bill Stone

Did the trick

Sebastien Charron
Works great

Super easy way to prime the inking tubes.

John Wooderson
Thank you LPS

I have an HP Designjet Z2100 Photo which had a “Printhead Replacement Incomplete Restart It” error when I tried to replace the printheads, I tried cleaning the old ones and replacing with new ones but still no luck. Eventually I found the LPS website which had clear details of the exact same error, they explained it probably had air in the ink tube system and I would need their “Universal Designjet Ink Tube Priming Tool” to remove it. I’m based in the UK so I was told it would likely take about 30 days to arrive, but even though I ordered it in December it still arrived a lot earlier than expected before Christmas. And I’m pleased to say that after following the helpful instructions that came with the tool, I now have a working printer again. So thank you LPS for not only a fantastic product and service, but also for keeping my customer happy after they’d spent out on new printheads. Great product, advice and service throughout, highly recommend!

sanford meyerson
Ink Tube Priming Tool

Easy to use