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CH539-67001, CH538-670041 Designjet T770, T1200 Formatter

CH539-67001, CH538-670041 Designjet T770, T1200 Formatter

  • $ 32500

Designjet T770, T1200, T1200PS Formatter

CH538-67078, CH538-67004, CH539-67001, CH538-67007, CH538-60056

$50 Cash Back For Your Old Formatter - Final Price $275 - Prepaid Shipping

This part is the complete Formatter with 320GB Hard Disk Drive and Thumb drive with Firmware update TT6-TTAJ_08_02_03.3.70_mvl40-x86-opt_B.fmw  with the highest security features available from HP.  Don't get hacked!

The Formatter is the direct replacement part for the HP Designjet T770, T1200 and T1200PS plotters.  The part is refurbished with a new HDD and installation instructions.  The Firmware does not yet have the plotter ID or password (Virgin firmware).  When the formatter is installed it takes on the identity of the printer and will not work in any other.

Errors related to the Formatter:

  • Error 01.0:YZ (also caused by the main PCA)
  • Error 01.1:YZ (also caused by the main PCA)
  • Error 06:YZ
  • Error 63:YZ
  • Error 64:YZ
  • Error 64.1:YZ
  • Error 65:YZ

1 Year Replace or Refund Warranty.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tim Brown
Designjet &770/T1200 Formatter

Shipped fast, No firmware needed it had the latest already installed. Put it in and it just worked. Thank you.

Thomas Funk
Good stuff

Just the part I needed. Back in business!

Robert Peterson
Designjet formatter review

Haven't used the formatter yet as it is stock. Everything I have gotten from LPS in the last few years has worked correctly and solved my customer's printer problems. So I guess you could say I have been very satisfied with my purchases so far.

Doug Marsh

Always excellent