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CH538-67044-C Designjet T770, T1200, T790, T1300 Carriage Repair Clip

  • $ 2185

HP Designjet T770, T1200, T790, T795, T1300, T2300 Carriage Repair Clip

How to Use this Clip (Video)

CQ305–60016, CH538-67018

The carriage has one obvious weak point: the peg that's supposed to keep the belt clamped into the carriage tends to snap off during repair operations. If you're in that situation, you don't have to buy a whole new carriage! This clip is designed to retain the belt even more securely than the original HP design. If you've got the mechanical skills to get the carriage out of the machine, you're already past the hard part.

This belt retention clip is made of tough ABS plastic, and each one is stress-tested before we send it out. 

-Made in USA



Does not include belt or carriage. 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jason Gore
Great Part

Genius — this is about the 10th one I have ordered, Thanks

Raymond Rosado
Easy to install

Work perfect

Don Fransen
T1300 designjet carriage repair clip

Repair was relatively easy, did not have to remove carriage assembly. Removing left cover and left belt pulley, plate ,and release clips for trailing cable & tubes provided full access to secure clip to belt and carriage .

James Zumpano
Worked Perfectly!

The clip was easy to install and worked perfectly. Thanks for providing the information for this repair on YouTube. It definitely saved me a lot of money not having to call a technician in to fix it.

Andy B
Awesome little part!

This little part saved my company from buying a whole print head! The clip did break after two years of use - and what are we doing now?? We're buying another! (and asking for a replacement under their lifetime warranty).

I recommend you do your future self a favor by buying two - one for now, one to have on hand so you can fix the printer again on the same day if the clip should break.