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CH538-67044-C Designjet T770, T1200, T790, T1300 Carriage Repair Clip

  • $ 2185

HP Designjet T770, T1200, T790, T795, T1300, T2300 Carriage Repair Clip

How to Use this Clip (Video)

CQ305–60016, CH538-67018

The carriage has one obvious weak point: the peg that's supposed to keep the belt clamped into the carriage tends to snap off during repair operations. If you're in that situation, you don't have to buy a whole new carriage! This clip is designed to retain the belt even more securely than the original HP design. If you've got the mechanical skills to get the carriage out of the machine, you're already past the hard part.

This belt retention clip is made of tough ABS plastic, and each one is stress-tested before we send it out. 

-Made in USA



Does not include belt or carriage. 



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Customer Reviews

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hosiel florez

todo llego muy bien buen servicio buen producto


pas encore essyé

Manuel Argueta
CH538-67044-C Designjet T770, T1200, T790, T1300 Carriage Repair Clip

Excelente solucion para no invertir mucho mas dinero por la compra del carro completo.
Gracias LPS Computer.

Sharleen Maier
It worked! She's alive again!

We have a T2300 and had a "paper jam" error with no paper in it. I could hear it was having trouble moving the carriage on startup. We had a technician come out and quoted us $1200 for the repair (parts & labor). He wanted to replace the carriage, belt, etc. Warned me that taking it apart could cause other issues in the near future because it's considered to be at the end of it's life. I wanted to give this piece a shot first. I'm no technician myself and asked my boss if I could try it out. It was difficult getting in there, but we did get it on without having to remove the carriage. Brilliant! Thank you!

Rick Hartwig
Printer saver. Awesome!

I am not a technician, but I was able to install this part myself. My HP T790 kept saying there was a paper jam when there was no paper in the printer. Error 86:01. After looking this up online to find a solution, I found the little pieces on the back of the carriage were broken. The belt easily slipped through the teeth on the carriage. I ordered this part. It was a little tough to squeeze my hand in there to put this on. You sort of have to do it blindly. I wasn't about to remove the carriage. Once I felt it was in the right position I eased it on, making sure the belt stayed. I turned it back on and it worked perfectly. Note: I removed the right side cover thinking it would give me better access, but that was unnecessary. This saved my printer and only cost me $22. Winning.