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C7769-60384 Designjet 500 / 800 Drive Roller Encoder Sensor

Designjet 500, 510, 800 Drive Roller Encoder Sensor with Disk C7769-60384, C7769-60254

  • $ 6920

HP Designjet 500, 510, 800 Drive Roller Encoder Sensor and Disk

Condition: Refurbished, Live-tested

Warranty: 12 months

The replacement procedure for this part is found in section 8-38 of the service manual --available here.


Encoder sensor assembly that tracks paper position during printing and calibration. Includes encoder disk. This is a refurbished part. 1 Year Warranty.

System errors related to the drive roller encoder sensor:

  • Error 56:10
  • Error 56:13
  • Error 81:01
  • Error 81:11
  • Error 85:10

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
james griggers
Great support every time

Always answer the phone, very thorough, very helpful

Ezeev Dragon
Sensor 81:01

I have a photo electric engineer friend who told me that the sensor is the most likely at fault because the disk let’s light through or not. I cleaned the disk on each side with w tip with little alcohol. Bugs like that spot. Q tip had black marks after the clean that requires someone to manually rotate the roller from underneath the disk is hidden and very hard to see the use of a flashlight is needed. Uninstall the sensor by unscrew from case remove the spetoon 3 mm to the left an integer back to front then up and out. I didn’t change the cable for it didn’t look bad or had any damage.make sure that the disk slides through the sensor it has a gap as it rotates infra red can pass or be abstracted. Upon installation run the print head alignment. Enjoy for years to come. Get the disk even if you don’t install better to have it rather wait thanks your company gave the best support ever

Susan Lapakko
Love Bob and LPS!

Got the new part for my Designjet and it fixed the problem immediately. Love you guys and I love the videos that Bob has done...they've saved me many times!

Paul Anderson
It’s fixed

Working now

Lee Hutcherson
Problem Solved

Delivery of the part was prompt and the part solved the problem. I will keep this plotter running as long as I can and I will get my parts from LPS Computer Design Jet Store