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Q6659-60175 Designjet Z2100 / Z3100 / Z3200 44" size Carriage Belt

Q6659-60175 Designjet Z2100 / Z3100 / Z3200 44" size Carriage Belt

  • $ 4450

HP Designjet Z2100, Z3100, 44" size Carriage Belt


Belt that connects the carriage to the carriage motor. It runs the length of the plotter and moves the carriage left and right. This belt is for the 44" print width plotter.

BEFORE YOU ORDER: Please make sure you select the right length of belt. Although this belt is for a 44-inch machine, the actual length of the belt is longer than 44 inches. If your machine has a maximum print width of 24", you need the "24-inch" belt. 

Compatible with:

  • HP Designjet Z2100 Photo Printer 44 inch (Model Q6677A)
  • HP Designjet Z2100 Photo Printer Revision C 44 inch (Model Q6677C)
  • HP Designjet Z3100 Photo Printer 44 inch (Model Q6659A)
  • HP Designjet Z3100ps Photo Printer 44 inch (Model Q6660A)
  • HP Designjet Z3200 Photo Printer 44 inch (Model Q6719A)
  • HP Designjet Z3200ps Photo Printer 44 inch (Model Q6721A)
  • HP Designjet Z2100 Rev.D Photo Printer 44 inch (Model Q6677D)
  • HP Designjet Z3200 Rev.B Photo Printer 44 inch (Model Q6719B)
  • HP Designjet Z3200ps Rev.B Photo Printer 44 inch (Model Q6721B)

All LPS brand belts are High Density Polyurethane and Kevlar, and are the only Designjet belts made in the USA.

Click here for complete kit.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The belt appears to be very good quality. Maybe the best.

I purchased an encoder strip and cartridge belt at the same time form LPS. They both look to be very good, and I would recommend that purchase.
However, it appears my printer will not reset the capping station, so I cannot say entirely.
** I do have a not so good experience with LPS though. **
I also purchased a rear carriage bushing.
which is a little clip. The two I received were very tinny. One broke in the printer right away, and the second one snapped in my hand while installing. Very fragile. When I talked to the customer service person and said how fragile they were, her response was flippant... saying "Yeah! They're very Fragile!"
On top of all that, The price of the bushing is crazy high. $23. plus $8. shipping cost. To make things worse, I purchased a third one from PlotterMasters on eBay for only $9. with free shipping. and it works fine, without breaking.
Also, the original OEM bushing was in my printer for over 3 years of my use without ever breaking. Go Figure.
-------- Bottom line ------- I was happy with Bob Wert YouTube videos on repair, and the cartridge belt is very good quality. But overall, I have to give the company a C grade for customer service and pricing.
Too bad, cause I will continue using HP Z series printers and this could have been a good source for me...
Sincerity is something you can only fake so long..

We go out of our way to supply OEM components wherever possible --or in the case of the drive belts, to exceed OEM standards. We take great pains to describe in detail how to perform the replacement procedure, regularly emphasizing how fragile the bushing is, and how to avoid breaking it. We went out of our way to send you a replacement unit at no additional cost to you, to cover your mistake. If you don't want the absolute best in service and technical expertise, feel free to look elsewhere.
In six years I'll know

Belt appears to be of high quality. Were supposed to receive Saturday. We remained open all day so we could receive the shipment. Our normal hours are 10 am to 5pm, it didn't arrive. Monday was Veterans day, so no mail that day. No mail the following day. Belt arrived on Wednesday. The mailman was the problem.
In the future we will pay more for a better delivery system.
Our original belt lasted 6 years, this one will probably last longer.

Great product with video instructions

The carriage belt was easy to install and works great. The video instruction made the install easy. I was able to bring the plotter back to life.