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Designjet Z3100 Formatter Board & New 320GB Upgrade Hard Disk Drive HDD Q5669-60175

Designjet Z3100 Formatter Board & New 320GB Upgrade Hard Disk Drive HDD Q5669-60175

  • $ 18500

HP Designjet Z3100 Formatter Board and 320GB SATA Hard Disk Drive Q5669-60175

This the direct replacement part the SATA type hard disk drive formatter, compatible with all variants of the Designjet Z3100 (including PostScript). Replacing this part resolves Error 08:10, 59.0 and many 79:04 errors. Replacing the formatter is a very easy affair.  With the power cord removed from the plotter, undo the 2 thumb screws (a small flat blade screwdriver may be needed).  Remove the formatter by pulling straight up on it.  Install the new formatter by inserting it in the opening.  It will drop it until it hits the connector on the main logic board. Press on the formatter until you feel it seat in the connector.  Nothing to it!  The formatter will assume your plotter's ID and Password. 

Please note that formatters and hard disk drives that have been installed on other Designjet Z3100 plotters will not work because their ID and Passwords will be wrong.

  • Virgin HDD & Firmware - never installed on a plotter (very important)
  • New Firmware Rev. TR12_MVL_7.0.0.3 on 160GB Hard Disk Drive
  • New 3V Lithium Battery for non-volatile memory
  • Truly Plug & Play Repair - No tools or setup needed
  • Formatter works in the 24" and 44" Designjet Z3100 PostScript and RTL versions
  • Prepaid Return Shipping Label
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Same Day Shipping from USA

Other Options:

Z3100 SATA Disk Only
Z3100 IDE Disk Only
Z3100 IDE Formatter and Disk

System error codes related to the formatter:

  • Error 06:YZ
  • Error 08:11

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alexandre V.
Works correctly as expected. Successfully transferred initial SATA disk image to a new SSD SATA disk

I bought this SATA disk Formatter Board last december to replace the old IDE disk Formatter Board of my HP Designjet Z3100. The goal was to make a clone of the the Linux partitions of the original SATA disk delivered to a new 256Go 2.5" SSD SATA disk and to use this SSD disk instead on the new SATA disk Formatter Board. Since, the replaced Formatter Board with the SSD SATA disk works fine on my HP Z3100. Thank you.

Brian Kainulainen
It works

Formatter didn’t work at first but after a few tries it finally did. Unfortunately it did not fix the problem I am having.

Edwin Hopkins

I bought the 160GB SATA drive rather than the 40GB IDE drive. The formatter is working and the printer is alive again.

But the printer sees the drive as 40GB, not 160GB as it should. I put a question on the page with this item and you gave me a confused answer. (The answer says that I “still have the IDE version of the hard drive” when the whole point of my question is that I now have the SATA version.) I have written two times to get clarification on this and have received no answer. Here, for the THIRD time is my follow up question:


I ordered and paid for the SATA version of the HDD. I do not remember seeing anything about the driving being SATA rather than IDE when I looked at the drive you sent me. I was only looking for the size of the drive: 40gb vs 160gb and I could not find the size.

The original drive was an HiTACHI. (This was the original drive on the original formatter which came with the printer.)

And…I don’t understand your comment “So you have the IDE version of the HDD”. I HAD the IDE version and ordered the SATA version. I assume you sent me the right drive. You suggest that the printer might accept a different brand of SATA hard drive as 160GB. Do you think this is what is going on?

thanks again.


Hi Edwin,
Thank you for your patience. We are sending you a replacement formatter with SATA disk. The 160GB Hitachi drive on this unit should register in your machine as 160GB. Please return the other formatter(s) at your convenience using the pre-paid return label that came with the first unit.


Danny Herzbrunn
Q5669-60175 Designjet Z3100 Formatter

Excellent product I will buy another one soon. Your service is excellent
I would be happy to receive a discount next purchase

Vladimir V.
Almost satisfied

The seller send me a different product. I had ordered formatter with SATA HDD and I received PATA HDD. Then I wrote an email to the seller but nobody answer me. The different spare-parts are both for the same device so I made the rapair.

I responded to your email yesterday. Please check your spam folder. We explained that it would work but were willing to exchange the PATA for a SATA if you wanted to.