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Designjet 500 printing double lines, shadowing

Posted by Bob Wert on

Last week I purchased a new belt and installed it. Everything went well had no problems.

But now it prints a double line and shadows text. Some areas are printed correctly. If I change the settings to best, it prints a lot slower, but not the double line, as much but in some places.

I was wondering if you had any suggestions.

I changed all the inks, print heads, Black (twice).



The problem is the carriage height is wrong.  There are 2 plastic pieces on the rear of the carriage that control carriage height.  One is a spring loaded finger that presses on the frame and rotates the carriage forward.  If the finger is missing or the spring is disconnected, the carriage will rotate too far back and cause the problem you are seeing.  To check for this, turn the power on and when the carriage moves away from the right side, pull the power plug out, open the front window and rotate the carriage front to rear and see if it returns to the front under slight spring tension.  If it does, the finger and spring are in place and the top plastic piece is either broken or missing.  That part can be ordered from:  q5669-60687-designjet-carriage-bushing  The carriage needs to be removed to replace the bushing.

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