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I’m writing to say thanks for the great service you provided us in replacing some ink tubes recently. I received the reimbursement check that you sent out, which is of course a nice thing. But I really wanted to say thanks for the quality of your service in general. It helps to have you there, able to assist us with our plotter servicing needs. And to have you do it so professionally, that’s sadly all too rare today. Much appreciated.


Ron Witte, Partner
Houston, TX 77005

To Whom It May Concern:

We recently ordered a Carriage Belt for our HP Designjet plotter from you and wanted to let you know how very much we appreciate your product.  When our belt broke, shredded actually, my husband initially looked on the internet to see what, if any, products were available.  He came across your YouTube video about replacement and I later researched and found your company.  I was a little uneasy about ordering from someone across the country but spoke with someone in your customer service department and decided to proceed.  My husband is quite good at things like this so we figured he would be able to replace it himself.  When I learned that it could take a few days to receive, we decided to call a local company who services HP products just to get an idea about what we were looking at if a tech came to fix this.  The tech first assured me over the phone, quite emphatically, that "you cannot replace this yourself!!! that's not possible!!!" and then proceeded to let me know it would be hundreds of dollars for them to come out and fix.  We are a drafting/design firm and are recovering from the recent economic situation and would in no way be able to find extra in our budget to cover that but we really needed our plotter functioning and had to do something.  I ordered your belt, we received it exactly to the day it was estimated, my husband followed your installation video, and in a little over an hour our plotter was working again, beautifully actually!  Your belt seems to be of even better quality than the original one and we are so very thankful! 

You will be our first source of any items we need in the future.  It's quite nice to find such a quality product from a quality company and all at a fair price.  Thank you, again.

Kindest regards,

Julie Pinkston
Office Manager
Pinkston Drafting Company


Sure is great to be able to buy ALL AMERICAN!!................Keep up the good work are an inspiration to all of us.............

Best Regards,

Scott Lallier, Landscape Architect


Hello Bob,

Because of the information you sent me (email and service manual) our printer is now back up and running well. Thanks to you and the rest of the staff at LPS for exemplary service. Have a fine day!



Hello Bob,

Thank you for all your help and excellent pointers. You will be pleased to know that I have managed to get the printer to work.

I calibrated it as per your instructions and ran the first print. It came out a bit weird as the greys printed out a bit yellow. I ran a second print and it was the same so I troubleshot the printer and it asked to re-align the print heads. So I did that and ran another print. This time it was perfect!

Thought I’d just let you know of my experience. And thank you once more for your wonderful YouTube video and support.   

Best Regards


You guys are the Best.

We received the parts this morning.  Our customer is very happy. Thank you for your wonderful service.

Rosie Peterson


Thanks Wendy!

You folks have been a lifesaver, both for me and that poor, old, "retired" Designjet 500C that's been given a good home in my living room! Your parts are wonderful; indeed, you're right there with Moss Motors, the folks that keep my 57-year-old  MG supplied with factory parts! And your videos are AWESOME! I wish the MG had these wonderful "how-to" streams.

Again...thanks for everything! Your business is certainly MY pleasure!



I want to thank you and Wendy for making suggestions about the plotter although I have not been a client of LPS.  Its always gratifying to know that there are companies out there who are passionate about what they do, and not out there to make a quick buck.

I found the problem to be related to a fixed IP address for the plotter and having changed router manufacturers (i.e different Gateways).  Once I got the plotter on the correct Default Gateway as the router, I was able to get the HP DirectJet Wizare to detect the plotter and run through the process of installing another ‘printer (plotter)” in Windows with the new IP addresses.  That done, communications between the computer and plotter resumed.

Again, thanks for taking the time to respond.  Problem solved.

George Kvaas

Kvaas Management Company, Inc


After watching the Utube video on belt replacement I have decided to scrap the Chinese rubber band initially purchased to replace a broken belt and order an LPS belt.  While I am in the machine the Service Station C7769-60374 will be replaced.  I see where LPS recycles ink tubes and cutters, are the Service Stations also recyclable? 

David Dupuis

To Bob and all at LPS:  

I received the HP Designjet 800 42" belt replacement kit and after following along step by step with Bob's terrific video on YouTube, I was able to replace the belt, (gently) clean and then calibrate the machine in just under two hours.

The plotter again works beautifully!

The old belt was way past due for replacement and finally gave out while the machine gave the 86:10 system error.  I'm an architect and pretty mechanically inclined, but all the same was reluctant to take on this job until I watched the video in its entirety which proved it to be completely straightforward and doable.

Thank you for offering such a complete "package" (parts, instructions and that video which was like having Bob stand next to me while I worked). 

Thank you again!

David L. Korn
in-form design architects

Hello Bob:

Like a laser tracer you were again dead on with your remote diagnosis. Thank you!

Ultimately it turned out to be the hard drive. An in-depth diagnosis revealed that my first replacement drive (the only one that I had lying around) also had some issues. With the second replacement I had more success. The best way to re-load the firmware was using a computer running on MS-DOS.

I will follow your suggestion about the housing on the tube system and for now only keep a watchful eye on it. I share your astonishment how it got broken. This piece did not call my attention when I installed it. Then again, I did not look so closely then. With the plotter acting up, one examines things in more detail. Fact remains, though, that the spot where it broke is the weakest of the entire part.

Hopefully, we will have a few months of trouble free plotting now.

Best regards,

Markus Girstmair


It has been a rare pleasure dealing with your company and I will certainly recommend you to my friends and colleagues. Thank you again for your professionalism and promptness.

Best Regards

Keith Brogoitti

Hello Bob,

After returning from vacation, I immediately went to work on our HP DesignJet 5000. I had no problems with the installation. Everything went smoothly from start to finish. No air is visible in any tube. The FedEx tracking no. of the return shipment is 559801715000269 Again, thank you for sending us this part under warranty coverage. We appreciate your generosity.


Markus Girstmair

Hi Darcy:

I admire your follow through.  I was shocked (happy shocked) to find the service station delivered around 11 AM.  Before the part got delivered, I had told the staff this morning that we would be out of our plotter for the rest of the week.  They were very upset with me.

Anyway…I started at noon and had the plotter working by 2 PM. All the screws were accounted for and I didn’t break anything that was working. Always a concern when it’s your first time at the Rodeo.

So in the end…I as a customer must look at how things worked out in the end.  Initially I was very happy with the processing of the order, then I obviously became very disappointed because I know the staff would be on my case.  But in the end, I believe you made me a LPS fan by going the extra mile and finding the local vendor with the part.

I would not hesitate to order again from LPS and would highly recommend LPS because the best judge of how one treats their customers is how is how they treat them when something goes wrong.  That is the true test.  Great job.  Feel free to use me as a reference.

All the best,

Charles G. Samiotes, PE

The belt kit for my hp500 designjet that I ordered from you worked excellent. The tool that came with the kit worked awesome also. Thank you so much for offering a quality belt kit that saves me time and money. We really appreciate doing business with LPS.

Nick Dautel

Hi Bob,

I got them yesterday.  Thanks!!!

Another 42” DYE order has been placed.  I’m repacking our old ones to ship back to you.  The 60” and 42” we ordered last time from you have been working great! 

John Bilek
Design Services
Boeing / BCA / CAS / LB Technical Services Engineering

I just wanted to thank you for the super fast delivery of my plotter belt. I just finished installing it - so nice to have my plotter back and functioning. Great service on your end - Thanks Again. 

James Henry

Hi LPS Folks,

It's not a happy time when you need to plot drawings and your plotter goes down. We used your site to assist in troubleshooting the problem with our HP500 DesignJet plotter and ordering the replacement part. It arrived the next day as promised and we installed it ourselves. You even included a pre-paid shipping label for us to return the part for recycling! Thanks for providing such great service.


Tim Cleary, Managing Director
Charles Ross Homes


I got the ink tube system in this morning and installed at the customer's site.  The pasrt installed just fine and they are happy to be up and running.

I appreciate LPS providing this quality refurbished tube system at such a great price and with such a good warranty.

I also appreciate you taking of care of me and getting me the part overnight.  I will be sure to keep you in mind if I run into any other hard to get plotter parts.

Best regards,
Engineering Design Systems, Inc.