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LPS Designjet Belts

Save A Ton of Money by Fixing Your Designjet Yourself and Save Downtime Too!

Use our DIY Videos, kits and live Tech Support and do as thousands of other Designjet owners have done and become a self-maintainer.

This page is focused on Carriage Belt Replacement.  Kits are recommended for the first time repair.  Scroll down and select the belt kit for your plotter. Order on-line or call 760-749-1580.

LPS Designjet Belts are the Best in the World
DuPont Kevlar & High-Density Polyurethane
Lasts 10X Longer than neoprene imported belts
Lifetime Warranty
Free Shipping

LPS Never Sells any Products Made by Forced Labor

Thousands of these belts and kits have been delivered to Designjet owners and end users all over the world who used them to fix their plotters, each saving hundreds of dollars on the repair.

With average mechanical skills you can replace the belt and calibrate the printer in 1-3 hours. If you get stuck, you can call LPS Computer for technical assistance.

  • Precision Self Lubricating Carriage Belt For Best Image Quality
  • Custom Polyurethane and Kevlar
  • Anti-oxidants added - will never dry rot
  • Toll Free Phone Support if Needed
  • Same day shipping from USA
  • Free Ground Shipping - USA only
  • Veteran Owned Company