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Q5669-60673 Designjet Z2100 / Z3100 / Z3200 (24" print width) Carriage Belt

  • $ 4550

HP Designjet Z2100, Z3100 D-size (24" print width) Carriage Belt



Black belt that connects the carriage to the carriage motor. It runs the length of the plotter and moves the carriage left and right. This belt is for the 24" print width plotter.

BEFORE YOU ORDER: Please make sure you select the right length of belt. Although this belt is for a 24-inch machine, the actual length of the belt is longer than 24 inches. If your machine has a maximum print width of 44", you need the "44-inch" belt. 

Compatible with: 

  • HP Designjet Z2100 Photo Printer 24 inch (Model Q6675A)
  • HP Designjet Z2100 Photo Printer Revision C 24 inch (Model Q6675C)
  • HP Designjet Z3100 Photo Printer 24 inch (Model Q5669A)
  • HP Designjet Z3100ps Photo Printer 24 inch (Model Q5670A)
  • HP Designjet Z3200 Photo Printer 24 inch (Model Q6718A)
  • HP Designjet Z3200ps Photo Printer 24 inch (Model Q6720A)
  • HP Designjet Z2100 Rev.D Photo Printer 24 inch (Model Q6675D)
  • HP Designjet Z3200 Rev.B Photo Printer 24 inch (Model Q6718B)
  • HP Designjet Z3200ps Rev.B Photo Printer 24 inch (Model Q6720B)

All LPS brand belts are High Density Polyurethane and Kevlar, and are the only Designjet belts made in the USA.

Click here for complete repair kit.

Designjet Z2100, Z3100 Carriage Belt

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Tony Paine
Quick Delivery to Canada and a Little Advice to Boot

The belt on my HP Z3100 broke and I also needed a bushing. LPS supplied the parts from the US to Canada in about a week. Although I'm a photographer, not a technican, I was able to follow Bob's video and the HP Service Manual and get the job done. When some of the maching tests called for in the manual didn't work out quite right, LPS' quick response to my e-mailed question led to the solution (ignore the HP Manual and stick to Bob's video). I am amazed I could do all this in a few hours and keep my 14-year old printer humming along! Thank you LPS.

Daniel Harrington

Items shipped and arrived on time.
Very pleased.

Kelvin Neal

Q5669-60673 Designjet Z2100 / Z3100 / Z3200 (24" print width) Carriage Belt

Perfect as always

Another high-quality belt as I've come to expect from LPS. Shipped Very quickly.

Josh Garland

it was exactly as shown.