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HP Designjet 500 510 800 Carriage Belt 24" C7769-60182

  • $ 4550

 HP Designjet 500, 800 Carriage Belt C7769-60182 (24" plotters)

LPS Designjet Belts are the ONLY Belts Made in the USA

LPS Never Sells any Products Made by Forced Labor

LPS Brand Designjet Belts are the Best in the World
DuPont Kevlar
High-Density Polyurethane
Precision Manufacturing
Lifetime Warranty
Free Shipping (USA)

Click here to view full repair kit.
Designjet 500 belt replacement video

Thousands of LPS belts and kits have been delivered and successfully installed by owners and users all over the world, each repair saving hundreds of dollars for the owner.

With average mechanical skills you can replace the belt and calibrate the printer in 2-3 hours.  If you get stuck, you can call LPS Computer for live technical assistance.

  •    Precision Self Lubricating Carriage Belt For Best Image Quality

  •    Expert Support if Needed

  •    Free Same Day Ground Shipping (USA only)

  •    Lifetime Warranty

  •    Veteran Owned Company

    BEFORE YOU ORDER: Please select the right length belt for your plotter. See the plotter image with this ad to determine the correct belt length.

1. How difficult is it to replace the carriage belt?

If you have average mechanical skill, and the instructions are followed, most people can replace the belt and calibrate the plotter without LPS assistance.  If you have apprehensions about doing the replacement yourself, perhaps you can find another person with technical skills to help you.

2.How long will it take to replace the belt?
An experienced technician can do the work in less than an hour. Allow yourself 2 to 4 hours the first time through.

NASA, JPL, The Goddard Space Center, the US Navy, Marines, Army and many universities, companies and owners buy LPS belts and kits.  They trust us and so can you!

Compatible with:

  • HP DesignJet 500 Printer - 24” Model (P/N C7769B)

  • HP DesignJet 500PS Printer - 24” Model (P/N C7769C)

  • HP DesignJet 500 Plus – 24” Model (P/N C7769F)

  • HP DesignJet 500 Mono – 24” Model (P/N C7769E)

  • HP Designjet 510 – 24” Model (P/N CH336A)

  • HP Designjet 510ps – 24” Model (P/N CJ996A)

  • HP DesignJet 800 Printer - 24” Model (P/N C7779B)

  • HP DesignJet 800PS Printer - 24” Model (P/N C7779C)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
William Latvonen

belt fit great, and the instruction video was dead on, fired up and worked great with no issues. these guys are the go to people for parts.

George Masterman

Fast Service!

Carriage belt

The old belt lasted 14 years and LPS furnished a replacement free of charge. So thankful for all of their online help in replacing it, the parts and keeping this older plotter going. What a wonderful company, thanks again.

Lee Hall
Quality belt

Don't buy the cheap knockoff belts that have teeth all the way round, these belts are the real deal and last. I would only get these belts for my printers, a little more expensive but you are paying for the quality and time that LPS put into getting these belts better than the original HP OEM belts.

Craig Green
Better material

I had a 10 year old HP belt that had never been opened from its sealed packaging. It had deteriorated in the sealed package such that it broke apart when handling it. I think that the HP belts fail from plasticizers coming out of the belt leaving a sticky weak unpliable belt. Hopefully the LPS belt's material doesn't suffer from the same problem.